Monday, July 16, 2007

Found another cool blog!

Ah man... when you are clicking trough links from one blog to another, sometimes you stumble upon new cool blogs. The second (for me) new blog I found today was Jose Barreto's Blog!
Here are a couple of links:

Q&A for Course 5249 – Customizing and Securing WSS 3.0

Q&A for Course 5248 – Maintaining and Optimizing WSS 3.0

Q&A for Course 5247 – Administering WSS 3.0

Q&A for Course 5246 – Deploying WSS 3.0

Q&A for Course 5245 - Planning the WSS 3.0 Environment

Integrating SharePoint with other portals and web applications


I promise that the next post will be from myself for you to blog about ;)


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1 comment:

Jose Barreto said...

Thanks for the nice words, Robin! Just wanted to add that I have consolidated the Q&A posts you referred to here into a single post, covering all 7 courses in Collection 5403 - Implementing Microsoft WSS 3.0. All the content is still there, though...