Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SharePoint Perfomance tuning using IIS Overlapped Recycling

In case you didn't notice there is a new blogger in town called Steve Sheppard (an Escalation Engineer at MS (he also wrote the whitepaper about Understanding the Explorer View about a year ago)) and he covers some pretty serious topic and that is the feature of IIS 6.0 called "Overlapped Recycling' and why you should use it! So go out and check the following posts :

Overlapped Recycling And SharePoint

Overlapped Recycling And SharePoint- The Generic Value Of Overlapped Recycling

Overlapped Recycling And SharePoint- Why SharePoint Requires It

Overlapped Recycling And SharePoint- Memory Based Recycling

Overlapped Recycling And SharePoint- Scheduled Recycling

I really love this stuff! :) So thanks Steve!


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