Monday, February 04, 2008

Time for a change..

It's been 3,5yrs ago since I joined Atos Origin after graduating in july 2004. A lot has happened since that time, not only professionally but also personally. During my carreer at Atos, I've met a lot of good colleagues/friends like (my fantastic people manager): Gijs, Coen, Joost, Paul, Stan, Steve, Suus, Jacques, Karlijn, Hendrik, etc.. And gained a lot of experience and knowledge and my particular interest in the product SharePoint.

So why the change? Well I was asked by Daniel McPherson to join a new company called zevenseas (yes.. no capital in the name) which is founded by Daniel himself and Hans Blaauw. So what makes zevenseas so special? I'll tell you!

  1. Being a member of elite team of SharePoint experts
  2. Being a part of something new that has the potential to become something very big in the (near) future and having the influence of creating it
  3. 4days @ the customer and 1 day 'creative learning' work ethic
  4. Having two new fantastic friends/colleagues/bosses and one more in the near future!

Pretty good points eh? ;)

So to conclude this post. I just wanted to share that this is my first official day working at zevenseas and so far I like it !