Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I've made it to Mike Walsh's FAQ :)

Well I made it there a couple of weeks ago but I thought it was worth mentioning. Check the following link Robin's contribution to the WSS bible It has to do with the fulltextsearch on WSS level not working at all and how to enable it again on (as Mike mentioned) nonsupported Microsoft way.. but hey.. it works ;)

Robin Meuré had this additional suggestion Note that I would only do this in complete desperation as it messes with the WSS database If you have a catalog that won't populate you can also do the following (if in the WSS Central Administration page you get an error if you check 'enable full text search indexing'). There are two stored procedures in the WSS database called "proc_EnableFullTextSearch" and "proc_DisableFullTextSearch". First delete the catalog, secondly open SQL Query analyzer (make sure you have selected the proper WSS/Site database) and type 'exec proc_DisableFullTextSearch'. This ensures that every index that was created will be removed. After this type 'exec proc_EnableFullTextSearch' and voila, the full text search index will work again!
Btw Mike, thnx again!

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You just made something that I thought was so difficult be, truly, so easy! Thanks for the post!