Tuesday, June 27, 2006

TechED Sharepoint 2007 DVD

Check this post from Arpan

If you didn't go to TechEd and want that DVD, ping your account team and ask them to give you one. We've set it up so they can easily order it for you!
Yeah baby! Don't you just love those guys? ;) Btw if you're wondering what's on it that makes me so happy.. it's following:
* A Beta 2 Office SharePoint Server 2007 & Office 2007 client Virtual Machine · Evaluation content including: o Evaluation Product Guides o Flash Demos o Developer “How do I” training videos o Customer Solution Briefs · UA Documentation including: o Planning, Deployment, Upgrade, Security Guides, Models, and Worksheets o CMS Assessment Tool w/ Documentation, Migration Whitepapers o Seven Development Projects for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services Version 3.0 (Beta Book) o SDKs, Office Resource Kit o Instructions and Samples: Excel Services, Forms Services, Business Data Catalog · Presentations from Office Dev Con and the SharePoint Conference · Developer Videos including architecture, security, file format, BI and workflow · Related Technologies content · Online Resources including links to the Office Preview Site, elearning content, Developer Portal, Community, Team Blog, Getting Started Guides, and various landing pages

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