Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Usefull new beta2 thingies

Bart was on a roll last sunday with spamming the world with new blogposts ;) Check them @ Bart Bultinck's Blog [MOSS2007]-[WSSV3] - Host Header Mode on multiple web applications is now possible!

Host header mode, a new feature in both Windows SharePoint Services version 3 and Office SharePoint Server 2007, allows you to create multiple domain-named sites in a single Web application.
[BETA2] How do I enable search over Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office Visio and other files that require the installation of IFilters?
In beta 2, special steps are required. After installing the filters in the normal way, the work around is: The following registry paths must be added. In this example, the registration is for the pdf file extention, enabling the Adobe PDF IFilter from Adobe.
Windows SharePoint Services Beta 2 IT Pro Documentation
This download contains documentation for IT pros and administrators to install and deploy Windows SharePoint Services Beta 2.
Also from Lawrence Liu's blog came the following:
The C9 video of the SharePoint Group Program Managers that I mentioned in my previous post is now online at Although I’m sure that you’d enjoy the entire 55 minute video, here are some timestops for you to jump around within the video in case you are in a hurry. 4:12 – My Site and People features 11:17 – Business Data Catalog concepts and functionality 18:07 – Quick Part feature that makes BDC data available in Word (and other Office 2007 client apps) 23:02 – Business Application Search and Business Data Actions enabled by the BDC 53:10 – Walkthrough of a BDC Application Definition file 27:50 – Relationship between Microsoft Content Management Server, Office SharePoint Server, Windows SharePoint Services, and ASP.NET – great discussion 33:50 – SharePoint Server’s Web Content Management features (master pages, inserting reusable content, site/page management, etc.) 41:51 – Very cool “content by query” Web Part 44:00 – Content Deployment feature 48:07 – Web content authoring/publishing from Word 2007 50:45 – Windows SharePoint Services as a platform And thanks to Duncan Mackenzie for jumping in at the last minute to take over for Scoble, who had to be with his ill mother. Duncan did a fabulous job as our videographer and interviewer, and I just loved how he added the link to at the end of the video! More videos of other SharePoint Program Managers to come very soon. Bookmark, so you can see them all!
So go check it out I say! Update: Going trough al my favorite bloggers I stumbled upon Serge's post about the navigation in 2007. He came to the following conclusion :
SharePoint 2007 contains a very powerful navigation system that allows you to completely configure the way your site navigation is presented. I did only scratch the surface however. In a upcoming posts I will dive into the following topics: Navigation Editing and Sorting – this functionality allows you to add custom additional navigation items and to show or hide sites and pages in the navigation (but not the default page in the Pages library!) Navigation under the hood – which navigation controls are used by SharePoint, what are their possibilities and how can you for example change the current depth of 2 that is currently shown in the hierarchy. Custom navigation providers – how can you utilize the SharePoint navigation controls with custom navigation information?
And there a lot of screenshots as well! What more could you want! ;)

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