Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Orphaned Sites

From Keith's blog :

An Orphaned Site is where SharePoint only has partial information and not a complete set of data for a given site collection in your Windows SharePoint Services or SharePoint Portal Server content databases or configuration databases. The site may in fact still be viewable via the browser, but you may notice that many things are broken. 99% of the cases I have seen though, the orphaned site is just unavailable. More information about orphaned sites: Orphaned Sites - Part 1 Orphaned Sites - Part 2
So the news is that the STSADM tool has been extended with new parameters to fix there sites ;)
Finally, the Orphan Repair extensions to STSADM are complete: For WSS Alone: Description of a new command-line operation that you can use to repair content databases in Windows SharePoint Services;EN-US;918744 If you have a SharePoint Portal Server 2003 environment, you may also need the following: Description of a new command-line operation that is available for the Spsadm.exe command line tool that you can use to clean up orphaned items in the configuration database in SharePoint Portal Server 2003;EN-US;918742

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