Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sharepoint Knowledge Base Webpart

Well Bill has found some spare time to write another great webpart (although it's not available for download yet, so maybe he just photoshopped the whole thing together) with the following functionality :

- Ability to add as many questions as you like - Ability to add and categorize questions into categories (including multiple categories for a single question) - Search capabilities to find questions and answers - Rating for each question (was this helpful - yes/no) - Add comments for each question - Moderation of questions (or you can leave it open so questions are published immediately) - View questions by category (with number of questions displayed) - Quickly jump to any category instantly from the main page - Assign related questions to other questions - Attach any number of files to a question
And for some screens :


Anonymous said...

When this web part will be available? I can't find it.

mihalych said...

There is other available solution allows to create required knowledge base in SharePoint: http://www.harepoint.com/Products/HarePoint-Knowledge-Base/Default.aspx