Friday, March 23, 2007

SharePoint Information Architecture and the Information Architect

If you are, like me, a mix of a Sharepoint developer as well as a consultant and a bit of an architect you should definitly check out SharePoint Information Architecture and the Information Architect from Joel Oleson. He clearly points out what to think about when you are about to design and implement Sharepoint for customers and how to already deal with things the future may be bring.

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Anonymous said...

Great information. We are implementing a Sharepoint Portal project for fortune 100 company in NYC. We are looking for help on the architecture end from a seasoned professional who is an expert in MOSS. Is there anyone you can recommed who might be interested in a consulting gig for this role. If so can you please forward me their contacts or send them my contact.

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Raj Talasila
732-572-7400 x1107

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