Thursday, April 05, 2007

WSS v3 : Anonymous access on document libraries

Update (24-9-2007), Doug Ware has posted another workaround for this problem. Check it out here

Ok, here is something I discovered yesterday. A mate of mine uses WSS for his personal use and he wanted that anonymous users could upload pictures into a picture library. Problem was that it was not possible! It was possible to create an announcement anonymously so that was really odd. Since a picture library is just a fancy list and an announcement list is not-so fancy list. But both still are basically a list and should have the same permissions actions.
So next step was to google the problem.. One of the first hits led me to : Enable anonymous access from the Office site. Scrolling through it, there was this note at the very bottom of the page..

Aha! So now googling (*cough* LIVEsearching *cough*) for the solution was much more easy ;)
Stumbling upon, Enabling anonymous users to open and submit data via InfoPath Forms published to SharePoint 2007 by Ervin Gayle checking step 13:

13) Take a look at the URL of this page you will notice that after the setanon.aspx page there is a query "obj=%listidhere....." followed by "DOCLIB" Surprise
14) If you change this last part of the URL from "DOCLIB" to "LIST", you will notice that you now have all of the option that you've been missing.

..was the answer to our problem!

I'm guessing (/hoping) there will be a hotfix that will enable administrators to explicitly enable/disable this feature.

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Anonymous said...

We have such a requirement to list all users and their permissions for auditing purposes. So I am looking forward to see how it works in practice.

Kenneth said...

Did this only work on the beta version, because I have tried it on the release MOSS 2007 and it doesn’t work there! I can change to list and set the permissions but MOSS doesn’t remember the settings.

Manohar said...


I have a small console app, to print the site titles in the sitecollection. My server machine has WSS 3.0 installed and this program works just fine. I copy this program along with the supporting files like Microsoft.SharePoint.Search.dll and Microsoft.SharePoint.Search.xml to the another machine which has only .NET 2.0 and 3.0 installed. The program fails. Please help.

Robin Meuré said...


this is by default. You can only run console apps using the Sharepoint Object model on the machine where SharePoint is installed on.
However there is a different approach you can use and that is webservices!

If you want some help just let me know ;)

Doug Ware said...

I had the same problem with a document library. The solution I used is here.

Jason said...

This just worked to help me enable anonymous access to my piture library (WSS 3.0). Thanks!

Yehiel said...

If I have Publishing web under Publishing site, anonymous works great for father (site) and still brings auth dialog for son (web). For other templates, like Team, it works without issues.Breaking the inheritance and explicit defining of anonymous access on son site doesn't help.

Yehiel said...

Deactivating the lockdown mode and then create a new subsite also doesn't help