Monday, July 30, 2007

2003 : Cannot add links to SiteDirectory anymore

Well funny thing happened last week, a power-user reported that when creating a site using the portal he couldn't get further when he reached the 'add site to SiteDirectory page'. If he clicked on OK, the button just grayed out and the same applies to the "Cancel" button. Using my dear friend Google I found the cause and the solution! So, the cause was Service Pack 2 for Windows 2003 as described in this KB Article. As described in the KB article there is no support from MS yet but googling further I found the following solution by Neal from SPS2003 Add Link to Site not working and Read SPS2003 - Cannot Add To Site Directory- It’s a feature!:


I had the same problem and didn't feel like removing SP2 so I came up with
the following solution:

1. Open this file in a text editor:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\60\TEMPLATE\[LCID]\SPSSITES\LISTS\SITESLST\NewForm.aspx

(Replace [LCID] with your locale identifier, 1033 for English)

2. Find this code fragment:

<SPSWC:InputFormButtonSection runat="server">
<SPSWC:InputFormButtonAtBottom ID="ButtonOk" runat="server"
<SPSWC:InputFormButtonAtBottom ID="ButtonCancel" runat="server"
TextLocId="Page_CancelButton_Text" visible="false" />

3. Replace it with this code fragment:

<SPSWC:InputFormButtonSection runat="server">
<!-- Workaround for WIN2003SP2 issue:
<input type="button" value="         OK         "
onclick="document.forms[0].submit()" />
<!-- <SPSWC:InputFormButtonAtBottom ID="ButtonOk" runat="server"
TextLocId="Page_OkButton_Text"/> -->
<!-- End workaround -->
<SPSWC:InputFormButtonAtBottom ID="ButtonCancel" runat="server"
TextLocId="Page_CancelButton_Text" visible="false" />

4. Thats it;-)

Hope this helps...



The Lorenzo Zone said...

I found that removing the .net patch that was interacting with the service pack 2..issue was resolved. Im an Intranet site so I have less of an issue kb933854. Because Sp2 may prevent a pre sp2 restore from working..I choose not to remove sp2

Anonymous said...

Thanks! And thanks to Neil for comming up with the solution - clever!

eSignature said...

Very helpful article ! I was always curious about all these complex algorithms that are being used in these ssl encryptions.