Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Book reviews

What's better than coming home from a (well-deserved) vacation and getting two additional free books to review eh? :)

The first book is called "Essential SharePoint 2007, Delivering High-Impact Collaboration" and is about the functional capabilities that SharePoint 2007 has to offer. So instead of going deep into the technical stuff, this book covers several scenarios in what are the best ways of getting the most out of SharePoint 2007. For example it covers the discussion, as seen on the SharePoint blog, about using SharePoint 2007 to replace fileshares. In addition (and this is why I love this book already) it gives you some examples on how to setup and write plans to cover the gaps to get from high business level right down to implementation.
This book is aimed at architects, (functional/business) consultants and in a smaller sense developers.

So coming right down from a 10.000ft view of the product, the next book is about programming in SharePoint.

This second book is called "Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Development Unleashed". In the first chapter you are taught using CAML and then from there the book is divided in the following main chapters:

  • programming using the object model
  • programming the enterprise content, this goes into creating Business Data Catalog
  • programming using Web Parts
  • programming using the webservices

I think the book is aimed too high when it says it's useful for the current generation of SharePoint developers because the difficulty level is way to low and most of the things you should have done in 2003 and/or you can find in the SDK. As I Googled on the book I came across another book review just posted 2 days ago by Edhild: Book Review- Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Development Unleashed and somehow he has the same feeling about is as I do.


Get the book about the functional capabilities and leave the programming book on the shelf :)



Essential SharePoint® 2007: Delivering High-Impact Collaboration by Scott Jamison, Mauro Cardarelli, Susan Hanley
Microsoft® SharePoint® 2007 Development Unleashed by Kevin Hoffman, Robert Foster


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