Monday, August 27, 2007

Self-Service Site Creation and permissions

Yet again a post about permissions! This one is about the self service site management feature that you can enable in the Central Administration page near the Application Management and then right here :

So you enable it and click on "OK" just like the screenshot below :

Next you want to create a site using the 'scsignup.aspx' page and there you get an access denied error and SharePoint wants you to login with a user who has sufficient permissions to perform this action. So I checked the eventlog for any errors and found the following :

The site /sites/<sitename> could not be created.  The following exception occured: Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)).

And then it hit me.. we unchecked the "Self-Service Site Creation permission" in the "User permissions for web application" (see screenshot below at the bottom) :

So I checked it and tada! We could create sites using the Self-Service Site Creation page!

Now this all makes sense ofcourse although I figured that once you enabled it, the permission would be turned on automatically or an error would be raised to inform you that you need to make sure that the permission is set.

Hopes this helpes someone ;)


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Chris Chapman said...


This answer is incorrect. While it will work, it is highly recommended that you do not enable self-service site creation unless absolutely necessary. And, luckily for us, in this case, it isn't necessary at all.

Here is the answer (the period at the end must be included):

Chris Chapman

amit said...

hi Robin,
Really good explanation.


man and van London said...

I appresiate the effort you have put in writing all of this. The whole blog has very interesting articles and posts, a person can learn one or two things from reading one or two.