Tuesday, September 25, 2007

There is not enough space on the disk

Ever had that error? No? Well neither have I until recently. It seems that when an user tries to upload multiple large files and the webserver tries to check those files, the 'temp' folder is being used to store those files. Whenever the webserver runs out of disk space it prompts the user with the error "There is not enough space on the disk" or "There is not enough space on the disk (Exception from HRESULT 0x80070070)". Solution? Move the temp folders to a different partition/disk other than for example the C disk. How?

  • Go to the properties of the server
  • Click on the advanced tab
  • Click on environment variables,
  • Within the system variables section locate the the TEMP and TMP variable and change them
  • Reboot the machine

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Ruudvdh said...

Why are you doing system administrator tasks. ;-)

Robin Meuré said...

I'm asking myself the same question every day ;)

Mike Carrington said...

thanks heaps for sharing, would have taken longer to rectify without your help.

Tugberk said...

I have the same problem, do you think it will solve my problem?

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem but i have only 20kb on my c; drive.

solution: I have moved some of my from C:drive to D: drive and started the application pool.

Have a try it may work.

e signatures said...

You just made something that I thought was so difficult be, truly, so easy! Thanks for the post!