Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Installing SPS2003 on a machine with MOSS2007

In these times of upgrading/migrating/using MOSS 2007, it's hard to find development machines without MOSS installed on them. Now MOSS is, of course, not the problem when you want to install the 2003 version on it as well.. but .NET 2.0/3.0 are! Since 2003 was built for .NET 1.0/1.1 and since SP2 it had .NET 2.0 support.
I restored a portal using Central admin and then point to the restored databases as SITE/PROF/SERV databases on a clean virtual server in IIS. At first sight everything looked fine.. the portal was up and running and all the content was there. Problems started at the Search & Index page.. It tried to crawl the portal and I only got the following errors in the gatherer log:

Could not load type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.SiteData.BucketWebSecurityProvider'

Now if you type in this assembly in Google the only hit you are getting is the following : "SharePoint Portal Server 2003 APIs that Do Not Work in Office SharePoint Server 2007" Now this started to ring a bell.. So I checked which .NET version was selected in IIS for the virtual server and, as you may have guessed, .NET 2.0 was selected. So I changed this back to .NET 1.1.. hit an IISRESET and now I was getting errors that particular settings in the web.config weren't supported. So I modified these (in the IIS Folder as well in the 60 hive > templates\layouts folder) and my portal was up and running again and the indexer could crawl my portal woohoow! :)

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