Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Minor migration problems

When you upgrade from 2003 to 2007 you sometimes miss some minor problems/issues that have occurred. Like the following issue that only takes place in our environment on migrated workspaces that are nested in sub sites. When you click on the "Add new document" on a listview webpart the path is not correct. All the documents are uploaded in the root of the document library and we all know that in workspaces there is always the /1 folder. So the uploaded documents are not visible but they are uploaded. If you check the URL of the "Add new document" link :


Now when you click on "Modify Shared Webpart" > Change the Toolbar Type from Summary to Full > Click On Apply > Change it back to Summary > Click on Ok, the link looks like this :


Now that looks real different now doesn't it? :) I wonder why during migration this links remain unaffected. Btw. if you do "flip the toolbar"-technique you also fix the issue that sometimes when you click on the old "Add new document" link, you receive a WebPart error in the Upload page.


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Kaj Bonfils said...

Hmm... I have the same problem, but the Toolbar switch doesn't seem to help... Sucks big time. I have just added the feb 24 2009 patches and it isn't solved. I wonder how long time will the bug remain before it is fixed?

Any other clues on how to fix this?

Thanks, Kaj

digital signature Microsoft said...

You just made something that I thought was so difficult be, truly, so easy! Thanks for the post!