Friday, November 09, 2007

Want InfoPath forms with custom lookup dialogs?

Then check out Serve's PlugIt- Extend InfoPath browser form with custom lookup dialogs post (even featuring with a how-to movieclip!). This is some great news as I made a bet with him that this kind of customization was not possible and he'd proven me wrong ;) Now you can use custom webpages for looking up information and return those values into the fields on your form. You might wonder why you would want this.. imagine a dropdownlist on your form that is being populated from a webservice and returns more than 1000 items, this is not very user friendly now is it? So you create a custom webform where you can do some advanced searching/querying and return the result into the form :)


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Anonymous said...

I used this feature in InfoPath and everything was OK. But when I have postback in my page (calling other web services), this sontrol doesn´t work, I must refresh page.

Do you have some solution?


Robin Meuré said...

Sorry for my late response.. but I think you should contact Servé about the problem you are having since he is the one who created this solution ;)

Marco Diaz said...

I try to read the original post but it is outdate.
Can you post a demo.

Amelia said...

I tried the same thing which you have explained above and it simply worked well. Thanks for explaining this great feature.
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