Thursday, December 06, 2007

Our worries are over!

I think I've lost count how many times I asked myself or let other people ask themselves.. "Is it possible to migrate content from a list to another list while maintaining the metadata in an easy way without using the "Manage content structure link" because I can't/don't want to use the publishing feature.." Ok, ok.. not exactly that question but you get the point ;) Well fortunately Chris O Brien has released a tool on codeplex that does exactly that ! Introducing the SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard. Chris says the following about it :

".. The tool provides a wizard-like approach to deploying content between SharePoint sites. The selected content is exported using the Content Migration API (PRIME), giving a .cmp file (Content Migration Package) which can be copied to other servers.."

I tested it by exporting a list from site A and then importing it on site B and it worked perfectly! All the custom metada, versions and more importantly the 'modified by', 'created by' , 'modified' and 'created' columns were still intact! So I'm very impressed! :)


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Anonymous said...

SharePoint assigns unique identifiers to everything. List items get unique identifiers, etc. The problem with any tool that migrates content between lists is whether it can preserve those unique identifiers. The true test is to create a linked column between two lists, migrate them using the tool and see if it correctly preseved the data.

Chris O'Brien said...

@Robin - thanks for the link, all feedback welcome!

@Anonymous - GUIDs can be preserved on import by checking the 'Retain object IDs and locations' checkbox. Note that if you're retaining the GUID, it is not possible to reparent the object, it's either or.

Any questions welcome, my blog or Codeplex site is best location.



electronic signature said...

A special thanks for this informative post. I definitely learned new stuff here I wasn't aware of !