Thursday, December 27, 2007

A tip!

User > Robin, would you mind deleting that site for me?
Robin > No problem! What's the url again?
User > http://asdfkljasldfkj/sites/asldkfjasldkfj
Robin > Ah right! Will do!

Simple task eh on a quite day like this? I just open up the site and want to click on Site Actions > Site Settings > Delete this Site, but to my suprise.. I couldn't find the Site Actions link.. hmmmm! So I did some url hacking and placed /_layouts/settings.aspx behind the http://asdfkljasldfkj/sites/asldkfjasldkfj url, et voila I had my Site Settings page ;) Next thing to do was ofcourse..  Click on "Delete this site"..  I got prompted with a Access Denied error! Aaargh, what is going on here? I tried to logon with the service account which has (as I do) Full Control rights and I got the same Access Denied error.  Then I remembered that I locked the site using Central Admin this morning :

So I unlocked the site and got back to the site and all of a sudden there was my Site Actions button again.. needless to say that I was able to delete the site :)

Conclusion, when you are confronted with a "Reader" style view of a site where you administrative rights and get confronted with Access Denied errors, check if the site is being locked using Central Admin!


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