Monday, February 04, 2008

Time for a change..

It's been 3,5yrs ago since I joined Atos Origin after graduating in july 2004. A lot has happened since that time, not only professionally but also personally. During my carreer at Atos, I've met a lot of good colleagues/friends like (my fantastic people manager): Gijs, Coen, Joost, Paul, Stan, Steve, Suus, Jacques, Karlijn, Hendrik, etc.. And gained a lot of experience and knowledge and my particular interest in the product SharePoint.

So why the change? Well I was asked by Daniel McPherson to join a new company called zevenseas (yes.. no capital in the name) which is founded by Daniel himself and Hans Blaauw. So what makes zevenseas so special? I'll tell you!

  1. Being a member of elite team of SharePoint experts
  2. Being a part of something new that has the potential to become something very big in the (near) future and having the influence of creating it
  3. 4days @ the customer and 1 day 'creative learning' work ethic
  4. Having two new fantastic friends/colleagues/bosses and one more in the near future!

Pretty good points eh? ;)

So to conclude this post. I just wanted to share that this is my first official day working at zevenseas and so far I like it !


Daniel said...


It is the start of something really exciting. Fantastic to finally be part of the same team, looking forward to learning a lot, and delivering some great SharePoint products.

See you Friday at our first "Creative Learning" session, lots to talk about!


Mart Muller said...

Hey, congrats on your new job!
- Mart

Robin Meuré said...


can't wait till friday (partly because I get my new laptop and phone ;))


thanks a lot! I appreciate it! :)

blue said...


Proud to have you in our team Robin and thanks for the very enthusiastic words about zevenseas and joining.

Just packed your bag of gadgets!


Stan said...

Hi Robin, nice you dedicated a blog post on your new career move. It has always been nice working with you.

Especially that evening when you brought your Nintendo Wii and we had the chance to play some tennis after a long meeting :-)

Good luck in your new job!

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Hey Robin,

Good luck with your new job! You can always come back ;-)



Sharepoint said...

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Katpro said...

keep rocking

digital signature Adobe Reader said...

Wish you all the best of success in your new job ! I look forward to be reading your posts ....

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