Thursday, May 24, 2007

PIDY and something else you want to have ;)

Mate of mine has started something that I think a lot of people are dreaming (and perhaps not even knowing that they are dreaming of it) of to have! And on top of that the team created PIDY (not yet trademarked I reckon, so.. guys.. if you read this.. trademark it! :)) which is that really cool flash thing that you see on the toprightside of this page. To get you in the dreaming mood read this snippet:

This is all I want.

A little bit of the internet that truly belongs to me.
Something I can keep forever.
Somewhere people will always know they can find me.
Somewhere people can go to get my business card.
Somewhere I can publish my photos from Flickr, my links from, my blog posts from Wordpress.
Somewhere I can keep track of my contacts and their contact details.

But it has to be mine, I don’t want to put all this in the hands of any more faceless corporations, and it has to be easy.

So go out and check the and get your own PIDY!



Stoneford said...

Is there a reason why you didn't supply a link to Daniels blog?

Robin Meuré said...

Well.. he owes me a beer and a proper bbq so that's the reason I guess :)

Daniel said...

Excellent question stoneford, I was wondering myself. How about coming round for a beer and proper Aussie BBQ?

My Blog:

Andrew Denny said...

I'm sure the Pidy's great. But they missed the boat re trademarks. 'Pidy' is a tradmark of a Belgium pastry company. Has been for 40 years. See

Still, Apple was a record company but it didn't stop a computer being named after it.