Saturday, May 26, 2007

Popfly and Sharepoint integration already?

Yes! Check out Mike Gannotti's video where he tells you how to use Sharepoint as a datasource for PopFly: 

If you wanna know what PopFly is read this little snippet from Channel9: "You probably haven't heard of it, but you're also probably going to start hearing a lot about it in the near future. Popfly is being announced today - as I'm posting this, actually. To keep it short and simple so you can get right to watching the video, Popfly makes it easy for non-devs to create web sites, mashups, and more. Drag, drag, click - you've got a Flikr + Virtual Earth mashup. You can even point and click your way to a Vista Gadget. "

 If want to know more about PopFly check out these sites :



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P. Erol GIRAUDY said...

Great démonstartion of POPFLY, thanks on my blog EROL

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