Thursday, July 05, 2007

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

Nice oneliner eh? Well it ain't mine though (or Steven Segal's).. it's from Joel Oleson who posted some governance posts on the SharePoint Product Group blog:

  • Windows SharePoint Services Manageability Controls (Governance Series Part 1 of 5)
    This article, authored by Dan Holme with some help from myself, give you some background and lay the groundwork for what the nobs and controls are in a deployment.  I've recently been saying, Exchange is about hosting Mailboxes and SharePoint is about hosting Site Collections, but that statement might be 90% true.  For you the answer actually might be it's about hosting Web Applications or Sites.  For example... the question do I use a web application or a site collection or a site collection vs. a site is explored here.  This paper lays the framework for the other papers that use the terminology in this paper.  If you prefer to read ahead the links to the other papers are included.  I do recommend reading the actual whitepapers for the best readability and to view the applicable images.
  • Information Architecture and Management Controls in WSS 3.0 (Governance 2 of 5)
    This paper by Dan Holme will explore four common usage scenarios such as Light Document/Content Management, Collaboration, Meetings/Workspaces and Individual expression. He explains the management/governance controls around each of these scenarios.  I hope you find it insightful.  There's a lot of good guidance based on the experience of MS IT and you'll see some of my recommendations and experience coming out in this paper as well. 


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