Monday, July 09, 2007

More and more articles about capacity planning and performance

From the godfather and guru of SharePoint (aka Joel Oleson) comes this nice post about articles that are released about perfomance and capacity planning

A number of new articles around performance have been published rounding out some great content on capacity planning, so rather than update those old posts where people have marked them as read, I've put together a more complete list of links to performance content and grouped it by product and scenario.  In addition I'd like to announce a paper we've been working on which will help you better plan for scalable lists and libraries with best practices on what methods to use for the best performance.  Note, some of the links are listed 2-3 times as they relate cross category.

By Product

WSS 3.0

MOSS 2007

By Scenario

Portal & Collaboration

ECM: Records Repositories and Document Management Repositories

ECM: Internet/Web Content Management


Excel Services

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