Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Very interesting book!

Clicking through links on my favorite blogs (yes.. once a time I actually visit the blogs I read in my RSS reader) I stumbled upon the blog of Richard Taylor who is a SharePoint engineer at Microsoft. In his second post he writes about an upcoming book which working title is "Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Engineering and Architecture Resource Kit".

Here is a snippet of his post that really captured my attention and explains why this book makes it to my personal no1 'must-read/have' ;)

...a text that will be the prescriptive guide to architecting and engineering a successful, large-scale implementation of MOSS 2007--written by Microsoft Architects and Engineers.  There are a number of books out there that speak to both WSS and MOSS.  All of them are for *Administrators*, the emphasis being on Administration.  This book will be a 'nuts-and-bolts' text of the "why" more than "how".  The book will be similar to a "Notes from the Field" but from an Engineer's perspective, not an administrator; a book on “How Microsoft does IT...


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Muhanad said...

I'll definitely make sure to get this one! Thanks for sharing it

digital signature Adobe said...

Thanks for sharing this information.
I guess this book is mandatory for anyone who wants to be updated on this topic !