Wednesday, January 23, 2008

InfoPath FormViewer Webpart in action

Ok so yesterday I posted what the webpart did and how it can be used. Today I'm going to show you how it actually helps the approver(s) by showing the complete process of submitting the form until the very last approval.

  • Opening up the form and fill in the data

  • Submitting the form SharePoint and check if the workflow is kicking off

  • Open up the view and check if all the columns are properly promoted. This view is also the view that is being used by the webpart

  • Go the task list and check whether a task is created for the approver

  • Open the task and see what the approver needs to approve

  • Approve the task. Since there is only one person who needs to approve this process for this particular eCRF, the workflow is complete and it will show in the refresh of the page.


So hopefully I have shown you the functionality and thus the benefits of using this type of way of presenting information from a InfoPath form. In the whole process the infoPath form itself is never opened so it saves a lot of clicks for the user who needs to approve this.


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